Jay's Chicken Shack is family owned and operated. Left to right: Jay, Koren, Kim, Kylie and Hershey

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Nobody Knows Chicken Like Jay

Hillsborough, NC  * 919-732-3591  

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Anyone who knows Jay, knows of his dream to rekindle his passion and open a local restaurant. A dream he has shared with friends near and far since he moved to Hillsborough in 2006 from Rochelle Park, NJ. It was a no brainer when that right door opened. Jay’s vision of launching an affordable eatery, coupled with a fun and social atmosphere, became a reality. 

Fun Facts About Jay
 1. Married to Kim for almost 19 years 2. Father of 4  3. Fluently speaks 6 languages  4. Traveled to 28 different countries 5. Went to high school and college in West Germany 
 6. One of 12 children:  Jay has 3 brothers and 8 sisters
 7. Owned a driving school, limousine company 
and fried chicken restaurant in New Jersey  8. Volunteer coach for Orange County youth soccer
 9. Loves to landscape and has a knack for it
10. Served wiht U.S. Marine Corps for 2 terms during
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Afghanistan

11. Creator of  "Jay's Chicken Shack" special seasoning

12. Can Moonwalk

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